Why I Do What I Do


Winter 2011

Our theme for Winter 2011 was WHY I DO WHAT I DO which was in-depth look at real life individuals who pursued a passion. We investigated Harry Houdini’s life and passion at the Jewish Museum exhibit. Vickie Tanner’s autobiographical one-woman show, Running Into Me, influenced how we wrote our character profiles. Also the worksite visits to Showtime Networks and Lord and Taylor gave us a behind the scenes look at the occupational activities of a network programmer and a fashion marketer. We included all these real-life characters into our script and performance where we creatively answered the question:                                        Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do-page-001The ScriptI do what I do-page-002

Here is a scene between Harry Houdini and his wife, Bess. Houdini amazes spectators with his escape tricks, but his wife is not impressed.


Houdini: Art and Magic at Jewish Museum

Running Into Me at Cherry Lane Theatre

Fuerza Bruta at Daryl Roth Theatre

Worksite visit to Showtime Network

Worksite visit to Lord and Taylor

November 19, 2013