Winter 2012

Giantbum was a script written by performance artist Nathaniel Mellors.  At Performa 11, Nathaniel wanted it performed by a young theatre company; so he commissioned Brooklyn Youth Company to rehearse, stage, design and perform his work at this prestigious performance art festival. This was the first time BYC had performed a script that we didn’t write ourselves. And what a script! A band of medieval explorers mysteriously become trapped in the belly of a giant and cannot get out. The priest traveling with the party decides to explore the area and discovers the bowels of his world, literally and figuratively. BYC had such an amazing time rehearsing this crazy play. Also with help of Costume Designer, Lisa Renee Jordan, we also designed and created our own medieval tabards! The performance took place at WNYC/ The Greene Space Radio Station where it was live broadcast as part of the Performa 11 festival. Click on this link to watch the Giantbum performances!

Giantbum BYC Final-page-002The ScriptGiantbum BYC Final-page-003

Working with their first commissioned script, BYC takes on the challenge of performing a play… set in a giant’s digestive tract?


Anything Goes at Stephen Sondheim Theatre

WNYC/ The Greene Space Radio Studio



November 19, 2013