Winter 2010

Our theme was SELF…FAMILY…COMMUNITY…WORLD…UNIVERSE. Each field trip was focused on one aspect of our theme:
Self was a one-woman autobiographical show, Running Into Me, performed by Vickie Tanner.
Family was a BYC family field trip to Gazillion Bubble Show.
Community was the Contemporary Arts exhibit at Brooklyn Museum.
World was Fela! Broadway musical about Nigerian musician/activist Fela Kuti.
Universe was Journey to the Stars at Hayden Planetarium.

The Script

dream-page-009dream-page-010In our original script, a teenage girl on the wrong path gets knocked unconscious in a fight.  While she is out, she has visions of a mother struggling to protect her child, Fela Kuti fighting against police brutality and dreams of outer space. When she awakes, she realizes the changes she needs to make in her life. Was it reality or was it all a DREAM?



Gazillion Bubble Show at New World Stages

Fela! at The Eugene O’Neill Theatre

 Contemporary Arts + The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago at The Brooklyn Museum

Journey to the Stars at The Hayden Planetarium

 Guest artist Vickie Tanner in a private performance for BYC performs her one-woman show: Running into Me

November 19, 2013