Domino Effect


Summer 2012

THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM was the theme for Summer 2012. Our first field trip to Harvey inspired us to explore characters with secrets and we even created a character of a high school student with an imaginary friend as a tribute to Elwood and Harvey. The Spy exhibit and Creatures of Light, an exhibit about bioluminescence encouraged us to explore how appearances can be deceiving in our playwriting. The final script is an interweaving tale of how our secrets and the consequences of keeping them affect our family, friends and even the community at large. It explores characters with secrets of health issues, financial struggles and how a foolish choice to light fireworks ends up in tragedy.

The Domino Effect-page-022The Domino Effect-page-023The Script

The Domino Effect takes the stories of a boy and his imaginary friend, a girl with a dangerous illness, and much more and crafts a connective tale which brings new meaning to the meaning of “domino effect.”


Harvey at Studio 54 with a private talkback with Jim Parsons (3-time Emmy award winner and star of Harvey)

Peter and the Starcatcher at Brooks Atkinson Theater

Spy:  The Secret World of Espionage at Discovery Center/Times Square

Creatures of Light at Museum of Natural History

Flying Monsters at Samuel J. and Edith LeFrak Theater

A Murder of Crows at Park Avenue Armory

Fort Greene Park

Sunset Park

Prospect Park

Central Park

November 19, 2013