Anywhere But Here

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Summer 2010

Our theme for Summer 2010 was SETTING IS IMPORTANT. We visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens whose hothouses inspired our tropical jungle location, Park Avenue Armory which inspired our haunted mansion location, an exhibit about Antarctica at the Museum of Natural History which inspired our Antarctica location and the Pagoda in Prospect Park that inspired our balcony location. Our script featured traditional characters in each location who magically changed their setting and circumstances when they wished aloud to be “Anywhere But Here.”

Anywhere But Here-page-008Anywhere But Here-page-007The Script

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet gets turned on its head as the two characters find themselves transported to a wide assortment of new lands. Two mischievous penguins end up playing a crucial part in this new plot.


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Race to the End of the Earth at Museum of Natural History

Tour and Scavenger Hunt at Park Avenue Armory

Tenement Museum

Memphis at Shubert Theatre

Prospect Park

J.J. Byrne Playground

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Poetry Reading at Brooklyn Public Library


November 19, 2013